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The Next Legend Of Zelda Will Include A Co-Op Mode

My Prediction For The Next Legend Of Zelda Is A Co-op Mode That Will Allow One Or More Players To Combine Their Skills In An Attempt To Besiege Ferocious Monsters And Win Over Royal Maidens.


The Next Super Smash Bros Will Be Called Battle Royal

The Full Name Will Be : Super Smash Bros: Battle Royal

More Info Coming Soon.

The PS Vita Runs At 400MHz (2011)

A Prediction That I Made In 2011 Was That The Playstation Vita Runs At 400MHz Per Core, Making It To A Grand Total Of 1.6GHz. What That Meant Was That Power Consumption Could Be Kept To A Reasonably Acceptable Minimum While Conditioning The Devices Processing Powers At A Relatively High Level. What That Also Meant However Was That The Operating System Would Be Running Off One Measly 400MHz Core, Which Would Explain The Paltry Web Browser Performance That Was Experienced In Pre Release Models.

No Need For Quadcore In iPhone 5

There Will Be No Need For Apple To Indtrocuce A Quadcore Processor In The Next Gen iPhone.

That Is Due To Several Reasons:

  • Arm Cortex A15 (I Think The Argument Is Already Over)
  • iOs Runs Perfectly On Current Gen Hardware (Which Includes Single Core Processor Hardware)